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January 22, 2010

Social And Cultural Development Indonesia

Every life in this world depends on the ability to adapt to their environment in a broad sense. But unlike other life, human relationships with the environment actively. Humans do not simply rely on the generosity of the environment they live their lives like when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. In meeting their needs by managing the environment and actively cultivate the resources in accordance with his taste. That's why humans develop habits that institutionalized in social structure and culture. Because of its ability to actively adapt to that, the man managed to position ourselves as being the highest rank in the earth and meet the world's most widely spreading.

On the other hand, the human ability to build relationships with their environment actively it has opened opportunities for the development of various forms of organization and culture to civilization. Social dynamics that have been realizing the cultural diversity of society and the world, both as a manifestation of social adaptation to local environmental groups as well as the speed of its development.


Social and cultural dynamics that struck the Indonesian community is no exception, although the broad spectrum and speed vary. Similarly, society and culture of Indonesia has grown rapidly in the past, although somewhat behind its development today when compared with developments in other developed countries. After all, society and the diverse culture of Indonesia has never experienced stagnation as the embodiment of active community response to the challenges arising from environmental changes in the broader sense as well as replacement of generations.

There are a number of forces that encourage the development of Indonesia's social culture. In categorical there are 2 forces that mmicu social change, First Instance, is the strength from within society itself (internal factor), such as change of generations and a variety of local discovery and engineering. Second, is the power from outside the community (external factor), such as the influence of contacts between cultures (culture contact), directly or dispersion (elements), cultural and environmental changes which in turn can spur social and cultural development of society who must rebuild lives them.

No matter how fast or slow development of social culture that hit, and the factor of any cause, any such changes will cause a reaction pros and cons of community or nation concerned. The size of the pros and cons of reactions that can threaten the establishment, and even can also lead to social disintegration, especially in a plural society with multiple cultures like Indonesia.


Indonesian society today is undergoing a period of transition is very powerful as a result of the demands of comprehensive reform. Who's reform demands that originate in national development activities that apply advanced technologies to accelerate their implementation. On the other hand, without realizing it, the application of advanced technology that requires reference to cultural values, social norms and new orientation. It is not surprising that the Indonesian people's diverse multi-cultural with it as if it had kelimbungan in restructuring the social order, politics and culture today.