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August 1, 2010

Flores Pos

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The first daily newspaper on the island of Flores, was founded on September 9, 1999 by Societas Verbi Divini community [SVD]. Its founders, among others, Father Henri Daros SVD, Fr John Dami Mukese SVD, Fr Frans Ndoi SVD, and G. Valens Doy [Kompas journalist, the late].
Flores Pos priority to local issues in Flores and East Nusa Tenggara in general. Oplahnya Although still small, around 3,500 copies per day, Flores Pos is known to the public and public officials in the province. In fact, this newspaper attracted many researchers of the press in Indonesia.
Flores Post is a news portal specialized in providing access to information for all communities in NTT. Information or news that is presented includes any information about NTT, be it the reality of life is also the prospect of development of NTT in various sectors.
Post Flores presence could at least be a strategic medium for community interaction through which every society in which NTT NTT could contribute thoughts or concepts or solutions for the development of NTT. Post Flores is expected to become a strategic partner for local media. In this partnership, Flores Post tries to present the news of national scope (remember peliputannya events in Jakarta, except in Kupang) for a consumption dirpoyeksikan news for local media.
Instead, Flores Post also obtained a local news of interest from local media. In the end all we hope, the presence of each media information for NTT, including Flores Post, really driven by the noble spirit that is directing people NTT towards a more open society, more critical, more responsive, and more united
General Flores Pos daily, published in Ende Flores had already spread its wings to the capital Jakarta: Flores Jakarta Post Edition. Sunday, at the Church of BHK Prosperity, I get the Flores Pos daily question. Price gope aka USD 5 thousand. 16 pages thick. Tabloid size. Model Newspapers. Black-White. And interestingly, printed by Scholastic Printing. Editorial and circulation (I think) join together weekly LIFE magazine. LIFE is a magazine for Catholics. Because obedient to the Circulation LIFE, then the FP will be in every church. Although published every Wednesday, but many residents who are in JABODETABEK Flores bought this newspaper on every Saturday and / or Minggu.Isinya diverse. Starting from the Main report. Until news of Nagi selutuh district in Flores. Starting from Mabar, Manggarai, Ngada, Nagekeo, Ende, Sikka, Flotim and Lembata. Yesterday I get a Number introductions Edition "Official Ngada Cleft". The contents of the official formation of Kabupaten Nagekeo. I also buy the latest edition entitled "The House of NTT." It turned out that NTT had a "home" is also in Jakarta. Kirain as one of the poorest province in Indonesia, NTT did not have enough money to build just a Liaison Office. As a former reporter at Ende FP, I just "entertained". If you want your subscription can also, given a bonus of 10 editions, if berlanggannan 1 year (52 edition). But, I think about it. It could be the trigger already pay a year, even his newspaper published just half a year. Kecian deh me. hehehe. Well, the residents of Flores in the Greater Jakarta area, please contact the circulation of the FP to get the latest news (although the newer-newer ga really does) from Deep in Mato Kampuang Nan. Circulation in Jakarta Address: Jl.Katedral No. 5 Central Jakarta, email:, portal: (Spell Nando)
Monitor Press Release: Final Report Daily Capacity Flores Pos
Monitor in collaboration with NTT-LED Swisscontact make the program Daily Capacity Flores Pos. The program lasts for one year, starting from November 2006 to October 2007, includes assistance to marketing, editorial, and design.
The program aims to increase capacity in the case of Flores Pos editorial, sales and marketing, distribution, advertising and design for newspapers to be more 'friendly' to readers. The goal, helping the Flores Pos is more ready to welcome the arrival of large media groups in Flores. Brand image is certainly more difficult to beat if the Flores Pos strong in the minds of readers.
Increasing the capacity of the Flores Pos is done through a series of assessment activities, direct mentoring, training, and evaluation.
Swisscontact allocate a budget of 150 million dollars to support 61% of the total financing of this program. Time financing of 39% is charged on the Flores Pos. Some partners also helped finance the contributions in this program, such as Bank BRI, SVD Provincial, PT Ani, Investor Dailly.
This mentoring program visible impact on the editorial staff, both in the understanding and views newspaper journalism skills. Taking the momentum of his birthday on September 9, 2006, Flores Pos comes with a new design. October 2006, the byline began to be used, the frequency of news that use the procedure of checks and re-check and cover both side, an increase from the previous year. Occurred also increased the average frequency of news about local economic issues Flores and news about SMEs.
Some new breakthroughs on the distribution system and advertising has appeared and looks. The efficiency of product distribution has been done. This is seen through increased sales of Flores Pos percentage of circulation for the duration of assistance. However, the addition of new areas of distribution of Flores Pos has not happened until now.
Regulated marketing start working system since January 2007 when it began to be allocated space for classified ads. This is one of the most prominent of the training field of marketing. In December 2006, while the ongoing marketing assistance, ad revenues reached its highest level during the period November 2006 to October 2007.
In general, the increase in long-term business. Analysis of new ad revenue also can be done with the data until mid-2007. Surely there will be many changes later. However, some problems occurring during the accompaniment as well so our records in the evaluation of this program.

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